The Catholic Church puts a high value on justice and peace. It encourages us all to work for justice and peace through our prayers, through involvement in the political process, and through appropriate activism. The Church does not endorse a particular political party or political ideology, but encourages us all to work for the common good in whatever way God call us.

Many parishes have an active Justice and Peace Group which brings together those who have a common interest in these matters; others may be called to work as individuals, with other Christians, or in secular organisations.

Nationally, justice and peace work is encouraged and supported by the Bishops’ Conference, the National Justice and Peace Network and Pax Christi UK. Many other organisations, including religious orders and Catholic lay associations work for particular aspects of justice or peace. Within the Diocese, the Vicariate for Evangelisation has a mandate to encourage parishes to include a concern for justice and peace among their priorities for evangelisation.