The Diocese of Brentwood is preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force on Friday 25th May 2018.

The following documents were approved by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference on 16th April, and by the Diocesan Finance Board at their meeting on Thursday 17th May 2018.

Diocese of Brentwood – Data Protection Policy May 2018

Diocesan Privacy Notice May 2018

Consent forms:  to be used when collecting Special Category Data (religion, health etc.) and/or when you wish to use data beyond its original purpose

  • Ministers’ Rotas
  • The Sick and Housebound
  • Volunteers
  • Sacramental Occasions

Consent Form – Rotas 23.05.18

Consent Form – Sick and Housebound 23.05.18

Consent Form for Sacramental Occasions

Consent Form – Volunteers for events 23.05.18

Short-form Privacy Notices:  to be used where you are not collecting Special Category Data, or where you have no intention of using the data beyond its original purpose

Privacy Notices 25.05.18

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) currently being researched 

  • Mass intentions
    • Can we print the person’s name in the newsletter where it is for a “special intention”? 
    • Or do we need to use initials?
    • What if the data subject isn’t aware that someone has asked the priest to say Mass for them?
  • The Sick and Housebound
    •  Do we have to insist on consent given by the Sick/Housebound person?
    •  Can we not simply use first names/initials? 
    • Can we ask a relative to consent on the data subject’s behalf, without a Power of Attorney?
    • If not, then do we need to tell relatives that we cannot print the data subject’s name in the newsletter?
  • Old newsletters – do they need to be removed from the parish website?
  • Card index held in a parish – does it need to be destroyed?
  • Baptism records – potential issue around the release of records to a third party and the requirements of Canon Law


Any other questions?  Please e-mail