Corporate Trustee and Finance Board

Charity Registration

The Brentwood Diocesan Trust is a Registered Charity, No 234092.

Legal Status

The Trust is administered by the Trust Corporation, Brentwood Roman Catholic Diocese Trustee, a Company incorporated on 13 March 1948 (Company Registration number 450897, Registered Office: Cathedral House, Ingrave Road, Brentwood, Essex CM15 8AT). It acts as sole trustee of most diocesan property.

The Company’s affairs are managed by its Finance Board, of which the Bishop is ex officio President.

Bishop of Brentwood Rt Rev Alan Williams SM
Director (Chairman) Rev Canon Patrick J Sammon
Director Rev. Mgr Canon Kevin Hale VG
Director Rt Rev Mgr Christopher Brooks MA PsL
Director Mr Michael L'Estrange
Director Sir Ian McAllister CBE
Director Rev Stephen Myers
Director Mr Peter Johnson FRICS
Director Mrs Nicky Lyon
Director Ms Aurora Santiano
Director (Vice-chair) Ms Liz Toher


Council of Priests

The Council of Priests’ main purpose is to foster the full participation of all the priests in the diocese in the ministry of the Bishop in our diocese.

It is principally a consultative body, as reflected in its membership, although in some areas the Bishop requires the consent of the Council in order to act.

Each Deanery is represented by the Dean and by another priest, elected by the brethren. The Vicar General is also a member, as are the Chancellor, Episcopal Vicars, the Diocesan Information Officer and the Director of the Ministry to Priests’ Programme.

The Council meets three times a year, in a way designed to co-ordinate with the Deanery Conferences – each Council meeting is preceded, and followed, by a Deanery Conference.

This allows questions and responses to be brought to the Council and to the Conferences. The Council has often established working-parties to consider particular topics and report back.

Chairman Rev Stephen Myers MA, Bsc(Hons), BA(Hons)
Secretary Rev Patrick Daly BTh(Hons), Dip Mgmt(Open), FCIB

College of Consultors

The College of Consultors is appointed by the Bishop, in accordance with the Code of Canon Law, to serve for a term of five years.

At present, the functions of the College of Consultors have been entrusted by the Bishop to the Cathedral Chapter.

Cathedral Chapter

Provost Canon Patrick Sammon
Canon Paul Bruxby JCL
Canon Peter Connor
Mgr Canon Kevin Hale VG
Canon John McGrath
Canon Martin O'Connor
Canon Brian O'Shea
Canon William Young MA, PhB, STL


Bishop’s Council

The Bishop’s Council meets fortnightly and concerns itself with the operational day-to-day management of the Diocese. It comprises the Bishop, the Vicar General, the Episcopal Vicars and the Vicars for Consecrated Life.

Diocesan Strategic Planning Group

The Diocesan Strategic Planning Group (DSPG) has been meeting monthly since its conception in February 2015. It has been tasked with formulating a strategy for maximising the opportunities for evangelisation and sacramental provision across the Diocese given the resources available.

Current membership:

Bishop Alan Williams, Rev. Mgr Canon Kevin Hale VG, Revv. Dominic Howarth, Stephen Myers, Mrs Ann-Marie Conway, Mr Jim Barron, Mr Tim Campbell, Mrs Mary Huntington, Mr Damian Walsh, Mr Steven Webb.

Vicar General

Rev Mgr Canon Kevin Hale, VG. E-mail:

Vicars for Consecrated Life

Sister Josephine Canny, OA. 020 8531 0466. E-mail:

Sister Margaret Soper, OSU. 07814 968961. E-mail:

The Vicariates


Mr Michael L’Estrange, Cathedral House, Ingrave Road, Brentwood CM15 8AT. E-mail:


Rev Stephen Myers. E-mail:


Rev Philip Denton. E-mail:


Rt Rev Mgr Christopher Brooks. E-mail:

Pastoral Formation

Rev Dominic Howarth. E-mail: