Training and Support

Everyone who works or lives in Essex and East London is invited to join Our Journey Together. For this to work well, some have been asked to enable people in their community to get involved. The training and support below is offered to build on your gifts, skills and experience.

An Introduction to Our Journey Together

Over 120 people attended one of four online training sessions led by Fr Andrew Headon and Teresa Carvalho in November. People came from parishes, schools, charities and religious communities to find out about the Synodal Pathway in the Diocese of Brentwood. It was great to see priests, religious and lay people join Our Journey Together, with a view to helping their community engage in this Synodal Pathway.

An abridged version of the training is available to watch, especially if you would like to help others join Our Journey Together.

Learning from others

This is a great opportunity to lean on the wisdom of others. Alpha has been training people to host a small group for years. Some would say, it is the reliance on the Holy Spirit working through the discussion in the small group that opens people to an encounter with Christ. Through using the same principles of love, respect and graceful listening in our Synodal Pathway sessions, we build trust and open the door for the Holy Spirit to invigorate our faith.

Deeply listening to one another is a vital ingredient to our taster activities and listening sessions. Below is a two-page guide for those facilitating listening sessions, produced by the Diocese of Westminster and shared with their blessing.

Synodal Pathway Surgery Sessions

Starting in December, Fr Andrew Headon, Teresa Carvalho and some of the strategy team will be available to meet with those who are helping people engage with Our Journey Together. To receive an invite to these sessions please join our Flocknote network.