Thresholds of Hope is the work of the new Vicariate for Adult Formation. Its aim is to encourage and support the formation of adult men and women in their relationship with Christ and His Church.

St John Henry Newman believed that the lay faithful were to take a full and active part in the life of the Church, to be confident in expressing their Catholic Faith and willing to share its beauty with others. His hope was that the lay faithful would be provided with a formation that made them “fit men (and women) for this world while it trained them for another.” The Thresholds of Hope project is an attempt make concrete his striking vision in its actions and initiatives.

Why Thresholds of Hope? St Pope John Paul II invited humanity to cross the threshold of hope and not to be afraid of experiencing the living God. In the many discussions with laity, priests and religious that informed this project, the idea of hope has been a recurring theme. Only the Hope that saves, the crucified Christ, can “fan into flame” the faith of an individual or a community. This Hope is the sacred heart of all adult formation and we are to be witnesses to that Hope. Of course, to do so we need to know and come to love the hope that is made real to us in the death and resurrection of Christ. Formation provides one way for this to happen and opens us to the life of God’s grace.

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 June 2021

The Vicariate for Evangelisation was formed in 2014 in order to promote the spread of the Gospel and to encourage evangelisation throughout the parishes of the Diocese. The Catholic Church’s approach to evangelisation has been reinvigorated under Pope Francis. You can discover more about his thinking in his 2013 exhortation Evangelii Gaudium.

In 2016, the Diocese of Brentwood began a new initiative, appointing Stewards of the Gospel to promote evangelisation in each parish, and to give lay people a stronger voice in discerning pastoral and evangelical priorities for the future.

A realignment of Vicariates took place towards the end of 2020, with the creation of a new Vicariate for Adult Formation. Fr Dan Mason now heads this Vicariate.


Vicariate for Adult Formation

Episcopal Vicar for Adult Formation Fr Dan Mason