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The Bishop is assisted in his responsibility for promoting good liturgical formation and celebration within the Diocese by the Liturgy Department.

Fr Mark Reilly is Director of the Liturgy Department and, with the assistance of the Executive Committee, the Diocesan Liturgy Planning Group and the Art and Architecture Advisory Group outlined below, advises the Bishop on all liturgical matters and assists him in encouraging and implementing sound liturgical practice throughout the Diocese.

The Bishop is to be considered as the High Priest of his flock from whom the life in Christ of his faithful is in some way derived and upon whom it in some way depends.

Therefore all should hold in the greatest esteem the liturgical life of the diocese centred around the Bishop, especially in the cathedral church. They must be convinced that the principal manifestation of the Church consists in the full, active participation of all God’s holy people in the same liturgical celebrations, especially in the same Eucharist, in one prayer, at one altar, at which the bishop presides, surrounded by his college of priests and by his minsters.

Zeal for the promotion and restoration of the sacred liturgy is rightly held to be a sign of the providential dispositions of God in our time, and as a movement of the Holy Spirit in his Church. It is today a distinguishing mark of the life of the Church, and indeed, of the whole tenor of contemporary religious thought and action.

cf. Sacrosanctum Concilium 41 and 43
Director of Liturgy Rev Mark Reilly, MA (Cantab), PhB, STL
Administrative Secretary (Wed- Fri) Mrs Helen Barwell

Executive Committee

Liturgy, Chariman Rev Mark Reilly, MA (Cantab), PhB, STL
Secretary Mrs Helen Barwell
Members Rt Rev Bishop Alan Williams
Rev Mgr Canon Kevin Hale VG
Mr Andrew Wright (Director of Liturgical Music)
Mr Paul Driscoll (Diocesan Master of Ceremonies)
Rt Rev Mgr David Manson

Diocesan Liturgy Planning Group

Chairman Mr Paul Driscoll
Secretary Mrs Helen Barwell
Members Rev Mark Reilly, MA (Cantab), PhB, STL
Mr Andrew Wright
Mr John McCormack

Art and Architecture Advisory Group

This group is being restructured.