My experience of Lourdes as a first timer was an overwhelming feeling of welcome: I didn’t feel like I was an outsider. I came to Lourdes not really knowing what to expect, and was a person who thought work was the be all and end all. Leaving Lourdes was emotional to say the least. But I know I wouldn’t have felt the peace I feel now had I not gone to Lourdes.”

The Diocese of Brentwood organises pilgrimages to Lourdes and Walsingham every year. This year’s pilgrimage will take place from 24-29 July.

Lourdes Theme for 2023: ‘…that a chapel be built here…’


Dear Friends,

We can pray wherever we are.  We can honour Mary, the Mother of God, in any country.  But when Our Lady appeared to St Bernadette, she requested that a chapel be built above the Grotto.  Why?  Because she wanted people to come on pilgrimage to Lourdes.

And so, in the summer of 2023, I shall lead a pilgrimage from our diocese to Lourdes so that I, and my fellow pilgrims, can grow through prayer, through mutual support, and through the care of those who need assistance.  Heaven meets earth in Lourdes.  It is a place of grace.  I hope you will join me.

To book for the pilgrimage, please follow this link: Brentwood Lourdes – Lourdes – Tangney Tours (  Or phone Tangney Tours, our tour operator, on 01732 886666.

Yours in Christ and Mary,

Bishop Alan Williams SM

NB: Contact Suzanne Reeves or Kathryn Young for more information at [email protected]