We recommend registering for free online safeguarding training. This is available for all parish volunteers, especially those working with children and/or adults. This valuable course consists of 7 modules which can be completed in your own time and saved at any point. Please send an email request to johannapeluso@dioceseofbrentwood.org

As Catholics we believe that human life is sacred because from its beginning it involves the creative act of God and it remains forever in a special relationship with Him. Accordingly, we recognise that each human being, irrespective of age or circumstance, should be accorded the dignity and respect due to a child of God.

The Church as a community has a duty to follow the command to love by valuing and protecting the vulnerable. Children are the most vulnerable and have the greatest entitlement to protection.

In order to assist this, Bishop Alan Williams has appointed Mr Simon Moules as his Safeguarding Co-ordinator, Father David Clemens as the Clergy Adviser for Safeguarding and Abbot Hugh Allan as the Religious Adviser for Safeguarding to act on his behalf in these matters. They in turn are assisted by a group of qualified people with experience in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

The diocese confirms that in matters of the alleged abuse of children the ‘Paramount Principle’ will be maintained, that is the welfare of the child is the paramount consideration in all matters concerning the protection of children. Legally, someone is defined as a child up to his/her 18th birthday.

For advice and information regarding safeguarding matters, the Safeguarding Board consists of those persons listed below.


Safeguarding Co-ordinator Mr Simon Moules BA (Hons), DipS/W
P.A. to the Safeguarding Coordinator Mrs Johanna Peluso
__________ Safeguarding Board Membership __________
Safeguarding Chairman Mrs Linda Ransom M.B.E. Dip (Social Administration), Cert. S/W, Dip (Child Protection)
Clergy Adviser for Safeguarding Rev David Clemens BPh, STB, STL
Rev Dominic Howarth MA, STL
Mrs Ann Ross
Mr Mark Fookes BSc (Hons), DipS/W
Mr David O'Brien LLB (Hons), DipS/W, CQS/W, Barrister at Law
Detective Superintendent Zena Marshall, Metropolitan Police
Rev Robert White (Ord)
Religious Adviser for Safeguarding Rt Rev Abbot Hugh Allan BA, O Praem
Rev Mgr Canon Kevin Hale Vicar General
Consultant on Canon Law matters and communications Rev John Harvey BA (Div), JCL, MCL, KHS
Sister Jude Groden, RSM