Pope Francis declared that “the world in which we live, and which we are called to love and serve, even with its contradictions, demands that the Church strengthen cooperation in all areas of her mission”.

This call to cooperate in the mission of the Church is addressed to the entire People of God. Pope Francis made this clear when he issued a direct invitation to all the People of God to contribute to Church efforts towards healing:

“Every one of the baptised should feel involved in the ecclesial and social change that we so greatly need. This change calls for a personal and communal conversion that makes us see things as the Lord does.”

For a Synodal Church: Vademecum

Our Journey Together Podcast

Michelle Moran, an international speaker and community leader of Sion Community, is joined by Fr Paschal Uche, a priest of the Diocese of Brentwood, as they delve into the meaning and purpose of Our Journey Together.

Episode 1: A Synodal Church