Mission: The Church exists to evangelise.

We can never be centred on ourselves. Our mission is to witness to the love of God in the midst of the whole human family.

This Synodal Process has a deeply missionary dimension to it.

It is intended to enable the Church to better witness to the Gospel, especially with those who live on the spiritual, social, economic, political, geographical and existential peripheries of our world. In this way, synodality is a path by which the Church can more fruitfully fulfil her mission of evangelisation in the world, as a leaven at the service of the coming of God’s kingdom.

For a Synodal Church: Vademecum

Our Journey Together Podcast

Both Fr Paschal and Michelle have been waiting for this, as seasoned evangelists who have spent their lives sharing the Good News, they share their passion for mission and the difference it makes.

Episode 4: To be open to Mission