Next Steps: Delving into the Synod Synthesis

Responses from people of all ages from all over Essex and East London have been synthesised into a report that was sent to the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales at the beginning of April. This Synthesis was also sent to people on our eNewsletter list for reflection.

Now on the feast of the Ascension when the disciples received the Great Commission and as we journey towards the feast of Pentecost, the Synod Report is available here, to reflect upon. You can either download the report or listen to an audio track below.

Synod Synthesis Audio

Our Journey Together - The Conversation Continues

Methodology Abridged Audio

Join us for discussions on the themes that have emerged in the Synod Synthesis in one or more of our online sessions. More information, including how to book, can be found bellow. We are offering an in depth look at the five themes:

  • Signs of the Times
  • Communion
  • Participation
  • Mission
  • Towards a Synodal Church

However, if you prefer to discuss the Synod Synthesis as a whole, there are four sessions for you to choose from. These will be set in an atmosphere of prayer and listening and be guided by the points participants raise.

The wisdom from these discussions will be fed into the ongoing process of bringing together the diocesan vision document, called Shaping Our Future and Our Journey Together.