Thank you very much for taking on the role of the Parish Safeguarding Representative, Bishop Alan Williams, Simon, Johanna, Antoinette and your Parish Priest greatly appreciate the safeguarding work that you do within your Parish.

If you are not a Parish Safeguarding Representative and are interested to help your parish priest and parish community with safeguarding then please contact your parish priest and let them know that you are available


Parish Safeguarding Representatives work closely with their Parish Priest and are volunteers who provide assistance and support to their parish in safeguarding matters. If you are already appointed as Parish Safeguarding Representative then you will have already been through a recruitment process with the Diocesan Safeguarding Office and will have been made aware of the safeguarding policies, forms, support from the safeguarding office and ongoing training available to complete your work.

This voluntary work within the Parish is a key role because it raises awareness in safeguarding and helps to keep our parish communities safe from harm

In general terms, a Parish Safeguarding Representative works to:

  1. Recognise concerning behaviour and understand when an allegation or concern is being shared and then respond appropriately and immediately. This might involve reporting directly to the Police or Social Services but will always involve reporting to the Safeguarding Co-Ordinator, who will take full and immediate responsibility for the ongoing management as soon as he is contacted
  2. Ensure the safe recruitment of volunteers, which includes the completion of 2 references, satisfactory outcome for a DBS application and a completed self declaration form by all volunteers before they begin working directly with children and/or vulnerable adults.
  3. Raising awareness of safeguarding (such as promoting the national policy on ‘creating a safer environment’) and developing a culture of safeguarding within your Parish


Please also refer to the Parish Information section for useful forms