“The Gospel of Jesus Christ requires us to ‘love our neighbour as ourselves’ and that is at the heart of the Christian interpretation of citizenship.”

Cancellation of the 2020 Catholic Citizenship Awards

It is with immense sadness that this year’s Catholic Schools Citizenship Awards are being cancelled owing to Covid-19. All of the award recipients for 2020 will receive, at the first possible opportunity, a certificate to commemorate their achievement. Certificates will be sent to schools for distribution. We apologise for any disappointment or inconvenience this may cause.

If you are a Headteacher of a school within the Diocese and have any queries, please get in touch at citawards@dioceseofbrentwood.org, if you are a recipient or parent/carer of a recipient, please channel all queries through your school. Many thanks.

Some 2016 award winners

History of the Citizenship Awards

On 23 May 2002, Catholic schools in the Diocese were invited to nominate pupils who had displayed outstanding awareness of good citizenship. Recipients were to be presented with an award in St Helen’s Cathedral Brentwood by Professor Lord Alton. The initiative was inspired by Lord Alton, a former pupil of this Diocese, and supported strongly by the Brentwood Religious Education Service to encourage schools to respond to Government requirements that Citizenship be included in the curriculum.

IMG_6009Brentwood Diocese is committed, as is Lord Alton, to the idea that to be a good Catholic involves being a good citizen, ‘the Gospel of Jesus Christ requires us to “love our neighbour as ourselves” and that is at the heart of the Christian interpretation of citizenship’.

Although the initial celebration involved only 11 of the 98 schools in the Diocese, in 2019 65 schools  participated in the event in a heartwarming ceremony at Brentwood Cathedral: https://www.dioceseofbrentwood.net/news/diocese-honours-young-citizens-2/

Pupils receiving the awards were the highpoints and embodiment of what their schools teach and stand for and, are examples of what all our Catholic schools are striving to achieve.

It is important to state that our Catholic view of citizenship is a willingness to act for, speak for and serve the needs of those who, on their own, cannot do it for themselves. In a word, Catholic citizenship is service.

Education Administrator Lisa Gunther