Proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ in East London and Essex

e-bulletin January 2019


Welcome to the second e-bulletin about our work together to evangelise our diocese in the context of our Vision Document: Shaping Our Future.

Meetings are taking place across our diocese. One Parish Partnership has used innovative methods of introducing discussions through a Partnership Facebook group, and shared materials such as Another has decided to adopt a new partnership name as all the parishes work together to discern their future, some have already combined to share preparations for First Holy Communion and/or Confirmation.
Several meetings have studied maps showing churches and distances alongside ideas about Mass times and how people can get to those Masses.
Others are considering the merits of merging/ linking/ collaborating and I am now invited to a few meetings following initial discussions. It is heartening to see such constructive approaches. Please do invite me to future meetings if I can help with questions that arise out of your early work together.

For those yet to start, please do. Advent 2019 is not that far away. has sections for each of the 12 Strands of Renewal. Some are populated already and all will be regularly updated from now on.
If your Parish Partnership has a story to tell about a particular strand of renewal or restructuring then please email it to me at

We still plan a FAQ section but so far every question has been different!
I have been happy to answer questions about Mass attendance and church capacities and parish finances but please remember that you all recently completed questionnaires containing this and much other valuable information about your parishes. Sharing this information with others in your partnership can be a useful way into conversations about shaping your shared future.

Young People: Formation Day 9th March organised by the Vicariate for Evangelisation working with the Vicariate for Pastoral Formation. This is a key area of renewal highlighted right across our diocese; please come. For more details contact
Leadership: An opportunity has arisen for a qualified Social Worker to work for an independent Charity that is very much a part of our diocesan family. Please share this information with anyone you think may be interested. It is valuable work benefitting our Families and our Young People and their Education:
Bishop Alan has called together all priests working in our diocese to a meeting on 13th February to share thoughts following the launch of the Vision Document: Shaping Our Future. Please pray for our bishop and our priests as they work together to evangelise our diocese.

Material Assets: As is normal, the Diocesan Finance Board has recently received several requests for approval of plans regarding property and expenditure on new projects for individual parishes. Parishes should please begin to consider such projects in the light of your Parish Partnership and discuss them together within your Partnership so that the Finance Board can see how a project fits with your shared vision of the future.

Charity, Justice and Social Action: Tomorrow is the Feast of St John Bosco and marks one year since we started the Caritas conversation. We now have, a diocese that is an accredited Living Wage Employer and projects that started or have been enhanced. Food banks, homelessness, refugees, asylum, elderly and young people are just some areas where you have shared God’s love with others through good works. Thank you.  St John Bosco: pray for us.

The Bishop’s video and the Vision Document remain accessible by clicking anywhere on

Steven Webb, Director of Development


Proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ in East London and Essex