How we, as Catholics, live our lives and how we worship our God are two important ways that each of us can evangelise our diocese.

This month we feature a reflection on how we live our lives through Renewal and Restructuring from Canon Peter.

Renewal and Restructuring


All of this comes together in the liturgy. The liturgy in turn becomes a “Shop Window” for our faith. St Thomas Aquinas said that people are first attracted to the beauty of Christ and then to his goodness and finally to his truth. People are drawn to Christ though beauty and the beauty of our liturgy is very important because it speaks of Christ’s sacred humanity.

The way we decorate our churches, the music and the way we celebrate together are all key elements in attracting people to Christ. This beauty is a part our evangelisation and focusing on it will help bring others to Christ’s goodness and truth.

The beauty of the liturgy is also part of the paschal mystery in which Christ calls us to himself and calls us to communion. Beauty therefore goes beyond mere decoration and great care is needed to ensure that our celebration is worthy of God and his revelation.

For details of our diocese’s Liturgy department visit where you will also find links to the Liturgy Office of the Conference of Catholic Bishops for England and Wales.

With grateful thanks for Canon Peter from South Woodham Ferrers and Danbury.



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