Catholic schools within the Diocese of Brentwood are invited to nominate pupils who have displayed outstanding awareness of good citizenship.

Examples of previous award recipients include:

  • Saving a life;
  • Protecting an individual from injury or harm;
  • Courage in the face of adversity;
  • Resilience in battling illness;
  • Bravery and peace in coping with the loss of a parent or sibling;
  • An passionate advocate of a cause resulting in demonstrable change;
  • Extraordinary care and kindness;
  • Exemplary charity (raising and giving of one-self);
  • Regular modest self-sacrifice.

Recipients are presented with an award in St Helen’s Cathedral Brentwood by Bishop Alan Williams, sm, Bishop of Brentwood. The initiative was inspired by Lord Alton, a former pupil of this Diocese, and supported strongly by the Brentwood Religious Education Service to encourage schools to respond to Government requirements that Citizenship be included in the curriculum.

Brentwood Diocese is committed, to the idea that to be a good Catholic involves being a good citizen, ‘the Gospel of Jesus Christ requires us to “love our neighbour as ourselves” and that is at the heart of the Christian interpretation of citizenship’.

Participation is through email invitation to all Brentwood Diocesan Schools.

Headteachers, R.E. Leads, Heads of R.E., and School Chaplains have now been emailed with details of how to register and nominate an award recipient.

If you, have not received an email, please email [email protected].

We ask that the only one submission is made on behalf of each school.