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Programme Outline*

Thursday 12th October 2023

  • Keynote Address : Encountering God through Prayer and Scripture in a Catholic School – Fr George Bowen, Diocese of Southwark.
  • Introduction/Overview of new Prayer and Liturgy Directory – John Adams / Grace Corry, Brentwood Diocesan School Advisers.
  • CSI & RED updates – Maria Shepherd, Brentwood Diocesan Deputy Director of Education.
  • Children encountering Christ through the Gospel of St JohnFr John Jesus Moloney CSJ, Community of St. John.
  • Helping all children to encounter God as a faith leader of a Catholic school – Mary Jo Hall, Headteacher of St Thomas More Primary Academy and Allison Moise-Dixon, Headteacher of St Bernard’s High School.
  • Encountering God through Prayer & Scripture in a Catholic School – Canon John Udris, Diocese of Northampton.
  • Steve Martin, School Signs.
  • Dinner

Friday 13th October 2023

  • Conference Address :  Encountering God through art, literature and the Synodal process – Monsignor Kevin McGinnell, Diocese of Northampton.
  • Points of Reflection – Robert Simpson, Brentwood Diocesan Director of Education.
  • Mass and Commissioning of Headteachers – with Monsignor Canon Kevin Hale, Brentwood Diocesan Vicar General presiding.

* Please note this outline may be subject to change.