The decision to exclude a pupil must be lawful, reasonable and fair.

Only the head teacher of a school can exclude a pupil but the governing board must consider the reinstatement of an excluded pupil within 15 school days of receiving notice of the exclusion if:
• the exclusion is permanent;
• it is a fixed-period exclusion which would bring the pupil’s total number of school days of exclusion to more than 15 in a term; or
• it would result in a pupil missing a public examination or national curriculum test

Governors must also meet within 50 school days to consider an exclusion where a parent makes representations and the exclusion takes the pupil’s total number of school days out of school above five but less than 16 for the term.

This is a very important role and it is vital that all involved – from primary and secondary schools –  are clear about the procedures and protocols that must be followed.

This webinar, led by Theresa Kerr at Winckworth Sherwood will look at the revised statutory guidance relating to exclusions and explore the legal responsibilities of the headteacher, governing body or trust board. In addition, this training will consider exclusions in relation to the role of independent review panels and their powers to recommend or direct a governing body to reconsider its decision.

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