The purpose of the webinar will be to give school leaders an overview of the information held in the DfE’s Good Estate Management for Schools (GEMS) manual, with which all Headteachers, School Business Managers and (property) governors need to be familiar. An online version of the manual can be found using the following link:

This will be a high level overview to raise awareness of the information and tools included in this valuable manual’s various chapters:

  • Fundamentals of good estate management
  • Strategic estate management
  • Planning and organising your estate resources
  • Understanding and managing your land and buildings
  • Performance management and sustainability
  • Maintaining your estate
  • Health and safety
  • Managing your estate projects
  • Tools and checklists

The presenter will be David Gatheral, Brentwood Diocesan Education Service Property Development Officer.

This webinar is aimed towards Headteachers, School Business Managers and (property) Governors.

To register for this webinar please follow this link