Connecting science, philosophy and religion

On Wednesday 21 March, some 80 or so people were treated to an entertaining and informative talk from Rev Dr Andrew Pinset debunking the myth that science, philosophy and religion are at best mutually exclusive and at worst incompatible with each other.

After a brief look at some of the proofs from philosophy for the existence of God, Fr Andrew, having trained as an astro-physicist before coming to the priesthood, first plunged his audience into outer space and a few seconds later into the opposite – inner space and the first link between science and theology – all matter is Trinitarian in its make-up!

The audience then heard of the countless priests whose work had been pivotal in the development of scientific knowledge – from the orbit of the earth around the sun to existence of ‘dark matter’, and of the women who were also pioneers into the world of the sciences.

Fr Andrew then explored the fact that all faiths are not ‘religion’; some religions have a remote and domineering god; but only Christianity (and not all its denominations), whose language has developed out of early philosophies, professes a personal God who invites us into a loving relationship and allows for development and change. The Church today, rather than being opposed to science, contributes to it. It has a basic, if hitherto overlooked, responsibility for the physical world and celebrates and respects life in all its forms and gender.

Christianity, he said, answers the fundamental questions:-

Who am I? What am I here for? What is it all for?

Lynne Collins, a parishioner from Danbury and South Woodham Ferrers enjoyed the evening very much.  She said: “It was such an interesting talk. Nobody wanted to leave.”

Fr Mark Reilly, parish priest at Maldon, organised the evening. He thanked Fr Andrew for the talk and the headteacher and staff of St Joseph’s school, South Woodham Ferrers for their welcome and refreshments.