Dementia Friends Programme

A nun from Wanstead is offering the Dementia Friends Programme as a way to help eradicate the stigma of the condition. Sr Peggy Ennis, a Sister of Mercy at St Joseph’s Convent, Wanstead has been trained by the Alzheimer’s Society and runs sessions for friends, family, colleagues and the wider community on how it is possible to transform the way people think, act and talk about the condition.

Stigma and lack of understanding cause many people with the condition to experience loneliness and social exclusion.  Understanding can be turned into practical action that could help someone with dementia living in their community.  That action can be as big or small as they choose – because every action counts.

Each session last for about one hour and covers five key messages about dementia and a little bit about what it is like to live with dementia.

Sr Peggy would be very pleased to give more information and visit parishes. She can be contacted at St Joseph’s Convent on 020 8989 3142.