Gidea Park priest in Vatican appointment

Fr Adrian Graffy, Scripture scholar and parish priest of Gidea Park, has been appointed as an ‘expert’ by the Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education. He has been asked to assist in the work of the Agency of the Holy See for the Evaluation and Promotion of Quality in Ecclesiastical Universities and Faculties (known as Avepro). The Congregation regularly vets the performance of bodies which award ecclesiastical degrees in various parts of the world.

The first visit, to the University of Saint Damaso in Madrid, is due to take place in the autumn. Fr Adrian commented: “I feel privileged to be asked to contribute to this important work.”

Fr Adrian was appointed by Pope Francis as a member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission in 2014. He frequently organises Scripture study days and other events at Gidea Park. The most recent speaker was Br Guy Consolmagno, Director of the Vatican Observatory, pictured with Fr Adrian (left) below.