Go Green for CAFOD’s Climate Crisis appeal this Harvest

Friday 1 October was Family Fast Day, and this Harvest CAFOD is inviting parishioners to give, act and pray to support those around the world who are most vulnerable to the devastating impact of climate change.

The Coronavirus pandemic is pushing millions of people around the world into poverty and deepened inequality. The poorest and most vulnerable people in the world are also the ones who are being hit hardest by climate change. Harvests are failing. Cities are flooding. Entire communities are finding it harder and harder to survive in the place they call home.

The impact is felt by people like Ivanilde who is a mother, a grandmother and a farmer. And, for the last 19 years, she’s been on the frontline of the struggle to protect our common home. She lives in a small patch of rainforest in one of the most heavily deforested regions of the Brazilian Amazon.

Pope Francis has said that the health of our planet depends on the health of the Amazon – yet every year thousands of acres are deliberately burned so the land can be cleared for cattle ranching, or simply to be turned over to make a quick profit.

More than once, Ivanilde’s home has been ravaged by fires started on land owned by wealthy cattle ranchers. She’s felt the heat on her face and the sting of the smoke in her eyes as the flames destroyed her trees and crops. Trees she’s planted herself and spent so long caring for – the trees whose fruits her family rely on to survive.

She’s faced obstacles that could shake the spirits of the very bravest – but she has never given up.

In November, leaders from across the world will join the COP26 Climate conference in Glasgow to discuss what the world can do to alleviate the impact of climate change on our common home, the Earth. Pope Francis will add his considerable voice to urge world leaders to act with great urgency. The message will be that by acting together we can go some way to help ourselves and millions of our sisters and brothers across the globe.

So please do give, act and pray in solidarity and support:


Please do support CAFOD’s Climate Crisis appeal this Harvest Family Fast Day through your parish or through CAFOD’s web site https://cafod.org.uk/donations/picker?defaultuniversaltype=single&_Appeal=124790



Engage with the Brentwood Diocese’s environmental campaign and make three pledges to help care for creation

This autumn, leading up to the COP26 climate talks in November, CAFOD encourages people to ‘Go Green’ by taking on a climate-related fundraising challenge.

There are lots of things you could do – a cycling challenge, going vegetarian or plastic-free? Sign up, start collecting sponsors and raise money to help fight the climate crisis! https://cafod.org.uk/Fundraise/Go-Green

Sign CAFOD’s petition to the Prime Minister urging the government to put people hardest hit at the heart of COP26 climate talks https://action.cafod.org.uk/page/73304/petition/1

Join millions of people across the world who will be out marching for climate justice in London on Saturday 6 November for the Global Day of Action for the Climate. https://cafod.org.uk/News/Events/COP26-Day-of-Action-2021


Explore CAFOD’s many resources for prayer and reflection this Harvest and during the Season of Creation (1 September to 4 October)  https://cafod.org.uk/Pray