Caritas Diocese of Brentwood goes live

Caritas Diocese of Brentwood is a direct response to parish feedback given through the ongoing Diocesan Stewards of the Gospel renewal and restructuring process. It will link and support the many groups involved in social justice, peace and charitable action across the diocese.

Bell-ringing to commemorate the Armistice

The Government wants bells of any sort or in location to mark the historic occasion at 12.30pm on 11 November - please add your plans to its webmap or use it to find out about local events.

Youth charity picks up challenge of Youth Synod

Million Minutes is inviting people to sign up now to use its ‘siLENT’ initiative as an opportunity to respond to the message of the Youth Synod in Rome: 'to value the abilities of young people and to accompany them, including those who are excluded.'

Showcase your work on Brentwood’s Caritas site

A new website to draw together and support social justice groups and organisations is under construction in the Diocese - and needs your input by 18 October. Don't miss the opportunity to tell your stories and attract new volunteers.