Please support earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria

Following the devastating earthquake on the border of Turkey and Syria which killed more than 22,000 people and destroyed thousands of homes, both Caritas and CAFOD are fundraising to support the many injured and homeless. Caritas Turkey and Caritas Syria are already delivering assistance and support on the ground while CAFOD has long established partners in the region, particularly in Northern Syria, who have been working since the early hours of the disaster.

The Director of Caritas Syria says that “in Syria, the earthquake heavily impacted north-west Syria, an area where 4.1 million people depend on humanitarian assistance”. Around 5,000 displaced people, mostly women and children, have found shelter in schools and halls. The recorded deaths and injuries continue to rise as the search for missing persons among the rubble of destroyed buildings and homes continues. Hospitals in some of hardest-hit areas were overwhelmed as they worked to treat those injured by the earthquake.

Both Caritas Brentwood and CAFOD are encouraging people to donate to help those suffering. You can donate here on our sister site: Help earthquake-affected people in Syria and Turkey – Caritas Diocese of Brentwood (

CAFOD's Chris Driscoll on BBC Essex