Raising funds for Ukraine is the best approach, say CSAN and CAFOD

Caritas and CAFOD have updated their guidance on the response to Ukraine, asking people to consider making financial donations rather than those of goods. They say partners in Ukraine have confirmed financial support is the most helpful form of donation.

While Caritas (CSAN) focuses on need in the UK and support of refugees, CAFOD responds to international suffering, liaising with sister agencies when humanitarian crises occur. Both agencies are working closely on a coordinated response to Ukraine, with Bishop Kenneth, the leader of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of the Holy Family of London.

As a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee in the UK, CAFOD is leading and coordinating the appeal in England and Wales on behalf of Caritas sister agencies working in and on the borders of Ukraine. CAFOD can accept, process and quickly transfer donations to partners who can then focus on delivering the much-needed assistance. CAFOD emphasises that Caritas Spes and Caritas Ukraine are already helping people affected – and have specifically asked for financial assistance rather than the donation of goods.

The statement says: “People’s generosity in wanting to respond to the situation in Ukraine is remarkable. This generosity is best expressed through donations of money rather than goods. Caritas agencies in Poland and Slovakia already have warehouses of supplies and find it difficult to receive in kind donations, and this is also the case in Ukraine. They have all confirmed financial support is the most helpful form of donation. This enables them to focus on assessing what is needed and gives them the resources to do this most efficiently.

“Sadly, sending goods has been found to be less effective. The costs of sending to a disaster-affected area often costs more than the goods themselves and takes time. In a fast-changing crisis, what is needed today is quickly not needed tomorrow.”

CAFOD urges people both to pray for Ukraine and to make donations to fund relief work in the war region, via cafod.org.uk/ukrainecrisis.

“If you have a large amount of goods or items that are particularly relevant to the emergency you can contact Global Hand who arrange for suitable goods to be transported to disaster areas or other areas of need. If you sell items on eBay, eBay for Charity is an easy way for buyers and sellers to support their favourite charities.”

Read the full briefing notice here: Ukraine CAFOD CSAN March 2022