St Bonaventure’s launches new Catholic Leadership Course for Educators in England

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St Bonaventure’s School in East London launched its new Catholic Leadership course, bringing together 35 aspiring leaders in Catholic education from across England. The event was led by former school leader and current Chief Executive Officer of Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN), Raymond Friel OBE. Friel passionately delved into the purpose and principles of Catholic education and leadership, emphasising “the integral formation for the common good – the head, the heart, and the hands”.

The event was designed to equip educators with essential skills to promote Catholic education and prepare them to tackle future challenges. Headteacher Christopher McCormack kicked off the day with a warm welcome, underlining the significance of Catholic education. Morning sessions featured insights from Friel, outlining key principles of Catholic education and leadership. The event emphasised the vocational call to the attendees, underscoring the vital role of Catholic schools in shaping the future success of education.

St Bonaventure’s Deputy Headteacher Andy Lewis said: “I am incredibly proud that we were able to host this day and help form future leaders of Catholic education. It was wonderful to welcome them to East London, a real heartland of Catholic education and, of course, our fantastic school – as ever, our students excelled themselves in welcoming our guests.”

Miss Baidoo, Assistant Curriculum Leader for RE at St Bonaventure’s, shared her insights, stating, “The Catholic leadership course provided profound insights, seamlessly blending faith and leadership principles. Empowering, enlightening and a transformative journey towards compassionate and purpose-driven leadership. I thoroughly enjoyed today, and it has truly inspired me as a Catholic educator, reminding me of the importance of our role.”

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Two online sessions will follow this in-person day. The course holds the endorsement of Formatio as part of the SE Hub legacy. For additional information and registration, please contact [email protected]