St Bonaventure’s School raises £6,777 for charity

Since December 2023 St Bonaventure’s School in Newham has raised more than £6,500 for various charities through generous donations from staff, teachers, parents and students from all year groups.

St Bonaventure’s School has an ethos of charity; every year, staff and pupils donate to multiple charities supporting various causes locally, nationally and internationally. This Easter, donations have been made to the Ricky Hayden Memorial to provide bleed kits to schools, Catholic Prison Chaplaincy to provide resources, 4Louis (a UK charity supporting families with child loss) and CAFOD once more. The school understands the impact of charity and how it can positively impact lives.

On the 14 March, the school organised a Family Fast Day Soup Lunch for CAFOD. It encouraged students and staff to donate the cost of a lunch and have a simple bowl of soup instead. It was a means of standing in solidarity with those across the world who may not have the luxury of eating every day and allowed students and staff to live out the virtue of charity.

Charity is one of the seven school virtues of St Bonaventure’s; it is an important virtue for the school, teaching their students the value of supporting people in their local community and beyond, as well as the love for the stranger. It can be a challenge with the current costs of living, which impact the school community significantly, but it continues to try and do what it can.

Suzan Ali, School Chaplain, said: “Charity is at the heart of our school, not only because it is one of our virtues, but because it is the foundation of our faith. Our students are passionate about supporting those in less fortunate positions and standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters locally and globally. As stated in the Bible, ‘It is more of a blessing to give than to receive’. We are very proud of the efforts and commitment of our staff and students this Lenten season.”

The funds raised went to:

– CAFOD – £600
– Ricky Hayden Memorial – £200
– Catholic Prison Chaplaincy – £200
– CAFOD Israeli-Palestinian Appeal – £2,000
– 4Louis – £150
– The Mizen Foundation – £1,000
– BCCS – £2, 500
– Macmillan Cancer Support – £115
– St Margaret’s Church Canning Town Food Bank – four large boxes and 65 full carrier bags