Faith in action at the G7 Summit

Erin Walsh, along with 17 other young Catholics who volunteer with CAFOD, will be voicing their concerns about how we rebuild post-pandemic at the G7 Summit fringe events this weekend.

Step into a new relationship with God

Thresholds of Hope offers an accessible and engaging way to find out more about faith and relationship with Christ – whether you are a committed Catholic or simply enquiring.

Make your voice count at the G7 Summit

CAFOD: “The decisions taken in this and the COP26 meeting will affect millions of people around the world. As host, Britain is in a unique position to exercise global leadership in the journey towards a greener and fairer world after the pandemic.”

Bishops urge Catholics to ‘renew the face of the earth’ in pastoral letter for Pentecost

sky and stars

The Bishops’ Pastoral Letter for Pentecost says: “We cannot leave the healing of our common home and the wellbeing and care of our brothers and sisters merely to a response from industry and governments. We all have a part to play, each and every one of us, in the routines, choices and decisions of our everyday lives and our aspirations for the future.”

Could you make a short anti-trafficking film?

Entrants to this RENATE competition are invited to produce a short film individually or as part of a teamaround the slogan ‘Slavery – Human Trafficking – Near YOU!’, and some or all of the tags #StopTheDemand, #BreakTheChains, #EndTheCycleTOGETHER.