Are you going to Flame 2019?

Flame 2019 will take place at Wembley Arena on 2 March, bringing 10,000 young people from across the country together for a day which celebrates their Catholic faith as well as offering inspiring and engaging input around themes that matter deeply in their young lives. “This will help them to connect those themes with their faith,” says chair of the Catholic Youth Ministry Federation organising committee Fr Dominic Howarth.

The fourth Flame Congress, entitled “Significance”, promises to be the best yet, he says. “The CYMFed was responsible for organising the gathering of young people at Westminster Cathedral and in front of the stage at Hyde Park during the Papal Visit; those moments showed us the potential for such gatherings, and the energy from that visit carried forward into Flame 2012, then 2015 and 2017.”

This year’s content will be the most dynamic and engaging yet, he says, with drama from RISE theatre, live art work, music and a line-up that includes GuvnaB, a well known rap artist who sings and speaks about his Christian faith, and his wife, Emma, who runs website ‘Girl got faith’ where she helps teenagers, especially around struggles with self-image. “They will be joined on stage by Robert Madu, who is flying in from Texas, USA. Robert is a fast-paced, funny, warm and engaging speaker, deeply rooted in Christian faith, and with wonderful stories and images that make points which are both challenging and inspiring. Having listened to him, he is not someone you forget in a hurry! He fills arenas across America, and it is wonderful to be able to bring him to England.”

All of the input is centred around the theme “Significance”. The Chair of CYMFed, Fr Dermott Donnelly, describes why this theme has been chosen: “Today, young people often feel constrained to measure self-esteem and self-worth simply by Instagram ‘likes’, responses to Facebook status updates and Snapchat conversations. We aim to explore, for just a few hours, the deep Catholic Truth of our being; that we are ‘God’s work of art’ (Eph 2:10) and we can only ever really understand ourselves in relationship with Him.  We hope that Flame 2019 will offer our young people a fresh perspective of their true significance, as ‘beloved children of God’ (qv Matt 3:17), in a personal relationship with God the Father.”

Fr Dominic concludes: “There is no event in the country like Flame, and we know that many parishes and schools have seen great fruit after previous Flame Congresses, with youth groups beginning or being refreshed with new ideas, inspirations and opportunities. We hope that Flame 2019 will lead to a powerful sense for young people that they are truly beloved by God, encouraged by and important to the Church, and able to live their lives as active witnesses.”

The ticket price for the day is £23.  Groups are normally 10+ but small parishes requiring fewer can contact BCYS at [email protected]. To book a group of 10+ go direct to

If you have any ticket administrative queries please email Dom Finn ([email protected]).