New Stations of the Cross meditations from Fr Adrian Graffy

As the season of Lent begins, a new set of meditations on Jesus’ journey to Calvary has been published by our own Scripture scholar Fr Adrian Graffy.  The idea sprang from the recent purchase of a new set of Stations of the Cross sculptures for his Gidea Park parish. “While in Rome for the Pontifical Biblical Commission I visited Serpone, a liturgical shop previously unknown to me near the Vatican, and saw the work of Italian sculptor Nico Venzo.  The 15 Stations were excellent value and were subsequently dispatched by courier,” says Fr Adrian.

Their arrival gave Fr Adrian the idea of publishing a new Stations of the Cross with a distinctive scriptural focus. These stations provide short passages of Scripture followed by prayer directed to the suffering Jesus and invitation to further prayer all interspersed with moments of silence. The Catholic Truth Society (CTS) has produced an attractive little booklet which contains photos of the Gidea Park stations and the accompanying texts.

Fr Adrian said: “I am delighted with the booklet which has arrived just in time for the season of Lent. People are welcome to visit our church of Christ the Eternal High Priest at Gidea Park to see the stations and pray in our lovely church.”

The booklet can be obtained from the Catholic Truth Society at:

Stations of the Cross by Nico Venzo