Sunday of the Word of God: online conference

To prepare for the second Sunday of the Word of God,  which falls on 24 January 2021, the Catholic Biblical Federation has organised an online conference with participation from all over Europe. Our own Fr Adrian Graffy is taking part as the English representative at the Catholic Biblical Federation.

The Conference will take place at 5 pm London time on Friday 22 January and will end at 6.30 pm. Reflections will be shared on two of the readings of the Sunday: Jonah 3:1-5,10 and Mark 1:14-20. Speakers at the Conference will be from Croatia, Italy, Romania and Ireland and presentations will be in English, Italian and French. Introduction and conclusions will be from Professor Ernesto Borghi (Switzerland) and Fr Adrian Graffy (UK). The Conference will take place online and can be followed via or YouTube and Facebook at the Catholic Biblical Federation.

Fr Adrian explained: “In the rich but fragmented European continent we aim to come together around the Word of God. In the post-pandemic world it will be important to derive from the Scriptures guidelines in our relationships with God, with brothers and sisters throughout the continent and beyond, and in our protection of the planet. Pope Francis’ institution of the Sunday of the Word of God is welcome and timely, and this is an excellent way to prepare for the day.”