Support Afghan families through CAFOD’s appeal

Christine Allen, CAFOD’s Director, writes:

We have all been shocked by the news and distressing images we have seen coming out of Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover. Afghan families are now feeling scared and abandoned. People are displaced inside their own country; others have fled to neighbouring countries. Millions are in need of emergency food, water and shelter.

Please donate to our appeal if you can: CAFOD : Donation to the Afghanistan 2021 Crisis Appeal

We have worked in Afghanistan for over 20 years, which has only been made possible by your compassion and support. We will continue to be there with the Afghan people for the long term, doing all we can to support the people affected. Additionally, where possible, we will be providing support in neighbouring countries where people are seeking refuge.

Please write to your MP today to ask the British government to do it all it can to ensure protection and assistance for the people caught up in this crisis.

And please do hold the people of Afghanistan in your prayers.