Support Peace Sunday on 17 January

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The Bishops’ Conference has set aside the second Sunday in Ordinary time as Peace Sunday, 17 January 2021. The following week will see the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons enter into force.  Pope Francis’ theme for Peace Sunday and the coming year is  ‘A Culture of Care as a Path to Peace’.

In his message for the 54th World Day of Peace, Pope Francis pays tribute to those in the caring professions who have done so much during the Covid-19 pandemic. He adds: “Sad to say, alongside all these testimonies of love and solidarity, we have also seen a surge in various forms of nationalism, racism and xenophobia, and wars and conflicts that bring only death and destruction in their wake.
“These and other events that marked humanity’s path this past year have taught us how important it is to care for one another and for creation in our efforts to build a more fraternal society. That is why I have chosen as the title of this year’s Message, A Culture of Care as a Path to Peace. A culture of care as a way to combat the culture of indifference, waste and  confrontation so prevalent in our time.”

Read the full letter here: papa-francesco_20201208_messaggio-54giornatamondiale-pace2021 (4)

Pax Christi, the international Catholic movement for peace which is promoting Peace Sunday, has produced a variety of on-line and paper resources to celebrate Pope Francis’ theme.  National President Archbishop Malcolm McMahon says in his message to parishes: “This year has been one of unprecedented and continuing challenges. We are all conscious of the need to restore and rebuild our communities here and around the world, accepting that we need new ways of working and relating to each other.   The Christian message of peace, through reconciliation, justice and nonviolence, can offer hope and direction in these times.  I invite you to seriously consider facilitating a collection for, or making a donation to, the work of Pax Christi at this time as a way to make a practical contribution to continuing the work of peace.”

Pax Christi resources can be found here: