Bishop Alan leads pilgrims to Walsingham

The Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingham took place last weekend and was blessed with fine weather. Fr Stewart Foster reports - and looks forward to the special pilgrimage for the Diocesan Centenary next year.

Sister Mary Gabriel O’Driscoll OSU

A requiem Mass for Sr Gabby O’Driscoll OSU, inspirational educator, religious superior, distinguished Catholic historian, youth worker, lover of art, poetry and all things German, took place last week in Brentwood Cathedral. A member of the Ursulines in Brentwood, she taught German and French at the Ursuline Convent High School before becoming head in 1969.

A letter from Calais

Seeing refugees as our sisters and brothers Fr Dominic Howarth gives his latest update after a visit to Calais with an entirely new crew of young volunteers from Basildon and beyond. “They each approached it with apprehension but soon found that refugees are as normal as you and I, goodhearted, hard-working people, caught in hideous